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SoCal Business Cards Terms

We will reprint 100% guaranteed if the products is printed wrong in the printing process.

All orders must be processed with a digital copy of your design. If you provide us with your
own copy, we will do a free file check by clicking HERE. If there are errors due to graphic or
design, we can not issue a reprint or refund after approval. NO EXCEPTIONS!

We try to have most products finished within one week, however some jobs may take up
to three full weeks or more to complete.

SoCal Business Cards assumes that you have the legal right to the images you provide to us.
However, if you have your product designed by us, you can be assured there will be no issues.
We use our own images, or stock images that we have purchased at various websites around
the internet and have rights to redistribute.

Shipping is not included with your purchase but is available to all US residents through our
UPS provider. If necessary we can provide you a tracking number after purchase. Please
contact us before or after placing your order for pricing options if you need shipping.

You will be given a final copy of your product in .pdf or .jpeg form through email or text message
and be prompted to approve before your design is sent to print. Please note that your photoshop
.psd or Illustrator .ai file is available for an additional charge. IF YOU GIVE APPROVAL AT THIS

• Your Invoice & payment verifies you read and accept these terms •

SoCal Business Cards Terms

Printing Errors

File Setup Errors

The Max Wait Time for My Order

Copyright & Unlawful Use of Images and Other Content

Delivery Options

Proof and Pre-Printing

• Your Invoice & payment verifies you read and accept these terms •


You do not have to sign up to order, for further instructions please Click Here.

Yes. Under the Templates and Design tabs above, you will find lots of information on how to set
up your files. The info below will also give you detailed information on common issues and tips.

Templates are available from our Templates tab above and throughout our website under
the different products. All our templates are free to download as many times as you want.
EPS templates are available for people who use illustrator and we also have JPG templates
for all other programs.

You can send an email to or call us at (714)948-0588 and we
will give you an estimated product finish date.

We have an estimating service that will check to see if we can do the job, and if we can,
give you a price within 24 hours. Send an email to
or call us at (714)948-0588 and we will give you a detailed estimate.

We have many ways you can contact OC Business Cards Customer Support. Contact us
by phone toll free: (714)948-0588. Contact us by email:
Other methods of contacting us include our Contact tab above.

There are multiple ways to get your problem solved quickly. Under the Contact tab
above, you can email us at, or call us at

Yes, OC Business Cards orders can also be ordered through the website or in person, by
meeting you at our main office in Costa Mesa.

.PSD & .AI is preferred followed by .pdf jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, eps, and png. Please keep in mind
some .PSD and .AI working file types and could cause unexpected issues with your prints. You
can easily convert these files to our recommended file type: .PDF | 300 DPI | CMYK Mode.

Many digital orders can be completed same day or within 72 hours. Printing takes additional
time depending on the product.

All orders must be processed with a digital copy of your design. If you don't have a copy we
will be happy to replicate your cards as close as possible, fees may apply.

Our design fee starts as low as $25 per design. Some products may include free design
(with or without promotion).

Most orders arrive within 3-5 business days, but can take up to two to three weeks. If you
are having your product shipped outside of CA. there will may be additional wait time.

We can deliver world wide, please note delivery fee is not included in our online pricing.
Shipping is provided through UPS (Note: Some packages in SOCAL may be hand delivered).

The texture of Uncoated is rough like paper and you can write on them, Matte has a
semi-shine and are also easy to write on. Gloss has a high shine and are hard to write
on. A picture is provided below.

Website & Standard FAQ

1. How do I sign up to order?

2. Do you have specifications on how to set up my artwork before submission?

3. Do you have templates I can download to help with my artwork?

4. Where can I check the status for my orders?

5. What if I have a job that is not available on the site?

6. How can I contact SoCal Business Cards incase I have questions?

7. What do I do if I have a problem with my printed job?

8. Can I place my order by mail or through email?

9. What are acceptable file types?

10. How long does it take to design my product?

11. I Already have a card do you need to design a new one?

12. How much do you charge for the design process?

13. How Long Does it take for my cards to arrive after they've been shipped?

14. Where do you deliver to?

15. What's the difference between gloss, matte & Uncoated?